Birth Story Gatherings

Lead by Kalista, this is a small group of parents who come together to support the thing that bonds the parenthood community at it's root, the birth of your child.  Maybe you have written your birth story (please do), maybe you’ve told it to a handful of friends or family (we hope so!), maybe you’ve never told a soul (please come).  Childbirth is the most inspiring experiences I have ever been though and putting words to feelings, and sharing them with trusted people, I think brings humanity closer.  Your story is welcome, important, and safe here. 

Birth Story Gatherings are also an ideal space for pregnant women to share their ideal birth, hear from previously birthed mamas and receive a ceremony of support.  

We encourage healthy choices and respect for mother and baby.  We are here to encourage biologically natural bonding between caregivers and baby and a support community for an enormous process, birth!  If you have any questions about special or private birth circles, email us here.

Birth Story Gathering
Time is TBD
Zoom link will be sent out 2 days before.