Parent Circles

This intimate parenting circle with Nicci and Kalista, will provide participants with opportunities to grow their parenting toolbox while integrating their “inner work” through reflection, dialogue, & real time support.  Although we have organized them in 6 week commitments, these are great circles to view as ongoing support through your parenting journey.  

For 6 weeks, in this shame and judgment free space, we will start Circle with each person sharing the state of their soul and end Circle with each person sharing what they are grateful for, what may be undermining them, and what they envision for themselves on this parenting journey. The middle of Circle will be time for sharing specific parenting challenges and receiving feedback and tools from Nicci, our parenting educator.  As a community, we will discuss specific challenges while providing space and support for each other. 

  • Education about the brain model and community support for parents.

    125 US dollars