State of your Soul live sessions

We're glad you're here.  This is an amazing opportunity to join in a virtual circle every Monday!  Kalista will lead us through a soul enriching and inner thoughtfulness journey of sharing what we are Grateful for, our Undermining (what is slowing our groove), and our Visioning for our amazing life- we call it the Royal Jewel


It is an opportunity to be real with what is going on for YOU.  Kalista leads a supportive and non judgmental space where you are honored for showing up and putting in the work to deeper understanding of your inner Self and put more consciousness into your week.  It is amazing when the things you vision week after week, become your grateful! 

Join me in virtual Circle! 


Mondays from 9:30-10:30am(cst)!


Set your intentions.

Connect with your inner Soul

Set the tone for the whole week!

  • Mon

    1 hr

    10 US dollars