We started as two mothers who know how valuable support is for parents of all stages from wonderful community opportunities we have had.  So, as we dreamed and visioned our future we got clear on our strengths and our values, and started Parenthood Collective!  Now we have, family advocates, lactation consultants, doula connections, Circles and Gatherings to share in this journey.  Look around our site, reach out and ask questions if you don't see what you're looking for.  Register for one of our gatherings or circles to join what a community of parents supporting parents can feel like. 


We are happy you are here!



To lead a revolution of the heart as we work to shift the parenting paradigm from correction to connection.


Our mission is to share in community and guide parents to integrate inner work with a parenting toolbox so they can heal, learn and connect to themselves then build authentic relationships and secure attachments within their families that can be carried on through generations.  


  • Non-violent

  • Trauma informed

  • Healing not fixing

  • Acknowledges the connection between mind and body

  • Defines spirit as the need to be seen, heard, and authentically expressive. 

  • Researched, science based parenting tools

  • Understanding of universal child development leads to age appropriate expectations

  • Connection over correction

  • Children are met with empathy

  • We heal in relationships

  • Shame dies when stories are told in a safe place

  • Parents don’t withhold love/attention because of “bad” behavior

  • It takes a village

  • Natural instincts vs mainstream parenting tools

At Parenthood Collective, we create an environment where community listens and holds the space to support your growth and change in positive and authentic ways.  


With us you can...

~Build relationships

~Experience community

~Share stories and experiences

...watch what happens in your life!


So parents can:






Parent educator

Nicci Marshal

Nicci is a founder and child and family educator at Parenthood Collective. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development and 20 years experience working with children and families.Nicci is trained in various parent/caregiver curricula including Conscious Discipline and Strengths Based Coaching. Nicci owned a preschool/child care center for 15 years. Through her work with children and families there, she saw a need for parent support and guidance and knew that real change could be achieved by working directly with parents. This vision led her to sell her business and focus her career on parents, caregivers and families.  Nicci is a wife, mother of two little boys, sister to many and a forever student of life. She loves music, podcasts and hanging out with friends and family. Summer is her favorite season but is learning to appreciate all seasons and what they bring.


Circle Leader

Kalista Schwartz

Kalista is a founder and Circle leader at Parenthood Collective.  She moved back to Kansas City with her husband and two children in 2015.  She is a lover of coffee, community, world travel, and a women who believes that life is meant to be enjoyed!  She has led a vibrant and a close-knit weekly Women’s Circle since 2017, hosts multiple Birth Story Gatherings yearly and has a BA in communication/business and an education in massage therapy and yoga instruction.   Kalista is excited to continue the empowering and delightful tasks of being a wife, mother, and gatherer of circles.  When Kalista became a mother almost 10 years ago, the perspective of all people was seen through the eyes of her child; all babies are curious and need love and belonging.  The love of the young and the passion for moving humanity towards a more connective, whole-hearted life has filled Kalista with purpose; to help families with support through story-telling, sharing tools for a well equipped parenting toolbox, and community for the inner work of your own Soul.